Embracing digital messiness in education

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It’s not just cities, politics and civic life that suffer from an excess of technological determinism and techno-utopian visions. In education, too, ‘digital by default’ thinking tends to dominate decision-making, and technology is frequently looked at as either a cause of, or a solution to, many apparent ‘problems’ in schools, and in further, higher and continuing education. Read More

smART Cities

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Artists are a vital part of a functioning vibrant and diverse city space. With the emergence of the ‘Smart’ city, arts and cultural organisations have begun to explore and reinterpret the experience of being in a city using digital technologies. Read More

A ‘Smart Countryside’? How the ‘Smart Cities’ agenda is widening the urban-rural digital divide

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As a rural scholar with an interest in digital media, my research has explored the ways in which rural communities and individuals interact with technologies, and how this enables them to connect with networks, activities and opportunities in urban areas. In pursuing such research, it’s impossible to ignore a related area of enquiry – how a lack of access to/engagement with technology can impact on the sustainability and development of rural communities. Read More

Digital proxies – your online representatives?

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(This is an updated version of this post. Huge thanks to my ever-wonderful partner for suggesting inclusion of digital estates.) 

What is a digital proxy?

A digital proxy would be someone who undertakes someone else’s online affairs because he or she cannot use the internet for some reason. This would include participating in digital democracy and other online interactions with government and other institutions, analogous to being a traditional voting proxy or holding power of attorney, and potentially managing your digital ‘estate’. Read More