This projects aims to contribute to the debate about the role of digital media and social networking in supporting citizens to play more democratic parts in society and live more fulfilled lives.

The project is funded by the Communities and Culture Network + and is the result of a workshop hosted by the network in December 2014.

Participants in the workshop were tasked with considering how we might critique the discourses inherent in the ‘smart city’ and ‘digital by default’ agendas. The result is this blog, which will bring together personal reflections and emerging research on this theme.

Beyond the group of academic participants we hope to invite responses from technologists and policy-makers, or indeed anyone with an interest in how technology is situated as a solution to economic and social issues.

This project is short-lived with an intended finish in Summer 2015. We will bring the articles on this blog together to form our ‘manifesto for digital messiness’.

To participate contact: jerome.turner@bcu.ac.uk



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